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Acoustic guitar, because of its light weight, small size and ease of transportation from place to place, has been an irreplaceable companion of all performers (whether at a school performance, a trip to the country-side or at a full-blown concert). You can play classical bits, pop, rock, blues, folk or whatever music you choose - the guitar is good for them all being one of the most popular and versatile musical instruments ever created.

The first steps in learning to play the guitar may be difficult as your finger tips harden from pressing the strings. It gets easier in time.

Our guitar tutoring takes place during one-on-one sessions, usually scheduled once or twice a week.

We would like to invite children over 8 as well as adult learners.

Required instrument: 

acoustic guitar, electric guitar






The flute is one of the oldest instruments within the woodwind family. It differs to most other wind instruments because it requires no reed; it is played by air travelling across the lip plate. Flutes, though generally silver plated, are made from either nickel silver or sterling silver, with different combinations of the two giving a different sound.

According to the instrument classification of Hornbostel–Sachs, flutes are categorized as edge-blown aerophones.A musician who plays the flute can be referred to as a flute player, flautist, flutist or, less commonly, fluter or flutenist.

Required instrument: 






Dignified, majestic and rich sound as well as the great tune range of the grand stage piano has been used to create almost all kind of music.

A regular piano is the smaller equivalent of its bigger brother.

There is almost no difference in the keyboard setup of the two with the grand piano being much bigger and louder, usually having a few keys more than the piano and the internal strings set up horizontally.

The piano with its vertical strings setup fits perfectly as an in-house instrument.

Learning to play the piano is not as difficult as guitar or violin and for that reason even a 4 or 5 year olds can successfully start learning to play the instrument.

The sessions are one-to-one, usually once or twice weekly.


Ukulele is basically a small guitar with 4 strings and a narrow, short neck. We recommend this instrument to the young children and all those who want to start learning to play guitar in the future because of many similarities in playing the two. It is easy enough to get a proper chord just by pressing one string - contrary to the classical guitar where you need to hold at lest 2 or 3 strings in order to get a chord. That is why Ukulele is perfect even for very young children who are taught how to sing and play Ukulele at the same time.

Children are extremely motivated by working in a group and after a couple of months  are usually able to play a few songs on their own.

We teach Ukulele every other week to a group of 5 to 6 children.

We offer the instruments to rent at a small cost. Deposit required.

Required instrument: 

Ukulele - available to rent from the Centre





Xylophone is a musical instrument belonging to the idiophone family.

The sound is produced by striking a row / rows of metal bars of graduated length with one or more wooden / plastic beaters. 

The metal bars are setup similarly to the keys on the piano keyboard and so the xylophone is a perfect instrument for those who want to start learning to play the piano in the future. Additionally, we use the xylophones with coloured bars which makes the learning even easier for smaller children.

Sessions are run every other week in a groups of 5 to 6 children.

We offer the instruments to rent at a small cost. Deposit required. 

Required instrument: 

Xylophone- available to rent from the Centre.





Since September 2016 we have been offering vocal tutoring for all who wish to improve their singing skills. The sessions are offered on one-to-one basis and run by Ms Martyna Bilska (contact details in the 'Contact' section of this web site).

Required instrument: 

Your own voice :)





Melodica is a wind instrument with a small keyboard controlling a row of reeds, and a mouthpiece at one end. It can have from 20 to 37 keys. The sound produced is similar to harmonica.

The indisputable advantage of the instrument is its price compared to any other wind instrument.

We offer Melodica tutoring on a one-to-one basis once or twice weekly.

The instrument is available to rent from the Centre.

Required instrument: 

Melodica- available to rent from the Centre.




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