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Polish Music Centre in Peterborough started its activities in 2016. It gathers the parents and teachers among the Polish community in the UK who are interested in the musical development and education of their children.


The main goals of our Centre are:


  • musical & vocal tutoring,

  • development of musical sensitivity in our students,

  • education and development of our students in the artistic spirit with the stress put on the promotion of Polish music and culture,

  • active influence on the Polish community in the cultural field.


Our goals are fulfilled by:


  • organising musical tutoring at the highest level by our experienced and skilled tutors,

  • organising musical concerts (twice a year) during which our students are able to present their musical abilities and talents to a wider audience,

  • preparation of our students for individual and group performances as well as the British ABRSM exams,

  • co-ordinating the cultural activities with various local communities.

Principles and regulations of operations

  1. Tutoring is conducted both individually and in groups.

  2. The tutor sets both the duration and frequency of lessons for individual students taking into consideration his or her age, predispositions and abilities.

  3. The school year lasts for 10 months ( from September to the end of July ).

  4. The main condition under which a student can become a member of the Polish Musical Centre is his or her participation in a 3 month preparation period. This period may be shortened on a recommendation by the tutor. During the preparation period the student's predispositions to play the chosen instrument are tested ( musicality, sense of rhythm, the ear-hand-eye coordination as well as his or her approach to learning ). 

  5. Payments for tutoring are made monthly in advance. Any delays or mis-payments may cause the student to be crossed off the member's list.

  6. If - for any reason on the parent's side - a paid lesson cannot be completed at a scheduled date/time, monies paid will not be returned. There will however be a possibility to re-schedule such a lesson at a different date/time convenient to both the parent and the tutor. If a paid lesson cannot be completed because of the tutor's fault, the monies paid for the lesson will be returned or deducted from the following month's payments ( to be agreed between the parent and the tutor ).

  7. Students with many absences or not making any progress may be crossed off the member's list.

  8. A student can become a member of the Polish Music Centre in Peterborough or resign from being a member at any time during the school year.

  9. To become a member of the PMC in Peterborough a student must have his or her own instrument of good quality at home.

  10. Filling up and signing the membership form is equal to agreeing to all of the above principles and regulations. Both the parent and the tutor can withdraw from the contract at any time during the school year giving 1 month's notice.


  • To appropriately organise the educational process

  • To ensure lessons are conducted in a safe and effective manner

  • To ensure kind and individual approach to every student

  • Objective and just scoring of student's progress


  • To systematically and actively participate in lessons

  • To adhere to the principles of personal culture towards the tutors and colleagues

  • To be conscientiously prepared for the lessons

  • To regularly prepare the given homework

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