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Is there a minimum age of the child?


Children grow up to playing an instrument at different age. Some five year olds may be ready while some seven or eight year olds may be not. It all depends on the personality and predispositions. There are known examples of children who started playing an instrument even at a very young age of 2 or 3. Those, however are exceptions.

Usually children begin their musical education between the age of 6 and 7. In case of most children this age is the best in order to begin playing the piano. The best age to begin playing the guitar is between 8 and 10.


Own instrument requirements?


Having your own instrument is the main requirement in order to start musical education in our Centre. It is best to consult with the tutor before purchasing an instrument for your child. Quite often parents decide to buy an instrument too early, not having all the information on what kind of instrument will be needed.

That is why we would like to invite all parents interested in sending their children to our Centre to a free consultation meeting before they begin their musical education.  Also, there usually is a possibility of renting a required instrument before you decide to purchase one.


Is the presence of a parent required during lessons?


That depends on the age of the student and his or her predispositions. Some younger children feel more confident when a parent is present, some however feel more relaxed under no supervision of their parents. So it is the child him or her self who decides whether or not their parents can watch them learn.

All our tutors accept the above and make sure the students feel at home during lessons.


How long is your school year?


Our school year corresponds with the the school terms in local schools.

Are the tutors well qualified?


Yes, all our tutors are Music Schools graduates and are well prepared to teaching and passing their knowledge professionally. They are committed to what they do giving a lot of time and energy to preparation and conducting of their lessons.

We have nothing to hide, so if any parent wishes to verify the tutor's competence, they are more than welcome to stay during the lesson and see for themselves.


Is playing an instrument good for my kid?


This is probably the most frequently asked question. The parents who ask it usually mean : 'does my child have any chance of succeeding in learning to play an instrument?'.

In order to succeed many criteria must be fulfilled. It is not only a 'good ear' and the sense of the rhythm but also diligence, perseverance, ability to concentrate and innate talent.

We can say from our observations and experience that often children who are less capable but diligent can score higher and learn more than those who are more capable but do not work hard. Whether a child succeeds in learning to play an instrument or not is a question of not only a talent for music but also many other personality traits.

To start playing an instrument willingness and enthusiasm to work is enough. All the rest will be verified in time. 

What we think is that every child deserves to give him or her a chance.


Are there any entry tests?


In short : no. There are no entry tests to become a member of our Music Centre. There is however a 3 month long preparation course which is, in our view, necessary in order to see the true potential of a child. Those 3 months give the tutor time to verify whether a child can potentially succeed in learning to play an instrument or not.

If the child is successful and proves he or she can work hard, after 3 months he or she automatically becomes a member of Polish Music Centre in Peterborough, provided there are still places available. In case of a place not being available at the time, the child's name is put on the waiting list.

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